When charged with a crime, it is every American citizen’s constitutional right to legal counsel and representation. Choosing your attorney may be the most critical decision you make in your legal defense.  A good attorney thoroughly investigates your case and the law zealously protects your constitutional rights and passionately tells your side of the story. This takes time, skill and dedication.

Stacy Uliana is just as committed to developing real relationships with her clients as she is passionate about making their stories heard. By personally handpicking all of her cases, Stacy is able to dedicate more time to each client than many attorneys can or would even try. This selectivity allows her to answer more calls, review and research the accusations against you more thoroughly, investigate deeper, and most importantly, fight harder.

When a dismissal is unattainable, sometimes the best way to resolve a case is to plead guilty. Be careful, though, not to conflate entering a guilty plea with surrendering—because a good defense attorney knows it is more like a negotiation. Stacy has a history of working with prosecutors to secure plea deals for her clients that are fair and consistent with the crime with which they’ve been charged and who they are as individuals. Some examples of favorable negotiations include getting the prosecutor to agree to a lesser charge and offering alternatives to incarceration such as fees, community service, and/or probation. The truth is, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone must learn from and resolve their mistakes preferably in a way they can recover and move forward with their lives.

The accused and their prosecutors cannot always see eye to eye, judges reject requests for dismissal, and sometimes, there is simply no other option but to go to trial. You need an attorney who will tell your story and tell it aggressively. If you’re worried because your case is a difficult and complicated one or you’ve been told it’s too much of a hassle, Stacy Uliana is likely the right attorney for you. Stacy frequently takes on some of the most particularly challenging cases and has even developed a sort of knack for them. Stacy is recognized by her peers for being a proficient researcher, performing extensive investigations into each and every one of her cases, and she is renowned for fighting on the behalf of her clients no matter how long it takes.

By far the most preferred way to resolve a case is to have the charges against you dismissed or deferred. Sometimes cases are dismissed simply because the prosecutor realizes as the case progresses that he or she is unable to prove a guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Other times, the prosecutor may dismiss a case after a defense attorney wins a significant motion, such as a motion to suppress or exclude important evidence. Finally, the prosecutor may defer prosecution on the condition that the accused seeks mental or substance abuse help. It takes the right attorney to know how to expose factual and legal weaknesses in the State’s case prior to trial or to persuade the prosecutor that the accused deserves a chance at treatment. Stacy will do everything she can to explore dismissal or deferment in the appropriate cases.

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